Vision Statement and its Fuitation

Savannah Porter- Strive towards a dream and work for a passion. Look each day to make another’s life a little bit brighter.

When we are young we play make believe and dress as a firefighter, a vet or a policeman. I was not any different. However, when we reach middle school and especially high school adults expect a ‘real’ answer, one that will provide and take you to better, brighter places in life. Parents strive to have their children be better than themselves by pushing their children towards big-name professions and money-makers. In this instance I was an exception. My parents were not the cause of my sudden interest in the field of medicine and certainly not in optometry. This overnight revelation came in my late eight grade year when I was faced with my choice of specialty centers at local high schools. This one decision could make or break my next four years and I found the experience even more trying as I was a new student in my middle school. Suddenly I had to decide if I was a math and science person, or maybe a theatre and arts kind of girl. And then, as I was skimming through a long list of professions it hit me. Maybe my childhood fascination with the videos and models at my eye doctor’s office meant more than I had thought. This revelation got me thinking: was I someone meant to be in the medical field?

Of course I was! This one thought battled its way to fruition at the realization that I really wanted to help people. Not in the childish sense but sincerely help others live a better life than they had before meeting me. In reality I was good at the sciences, my ribbon in the science fair helped prove that, being in an advanced mathematics class and excelling at English proved I had the brain and eloquence to be a person of importance. So why not? Why could I not try and help people in a way I found enjoyable? With this mindset I began growing attached to my newfound passion towards optometry. I was going to have a job that I could look forward to going to work for and enrich others’ lives wither anyone else found it appropriate or not. Maybe it was a naïve thought, and hinting on stubborn, but that is what helped push me to fill out the paperwork and pursue an interview to get an acceptance letter.

My acceptance letter was all the cosmic push I needed to embrace this new path and sprint towards the destination. Over my four years in the Health Science Specialty Center I proved my teacher’s opinion wrong; I would not change my aspiring profession with the flick of a wrist. I stood strong by my choices and pushed myself to take challenging math and science classes, welcoming the work because I knew it would pay off in the end. I still hold strong to my path and Richard Bland is but a stepping stone on my way towards a dream I have been pursuing for many years.




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