Volunteering at RBC

This semester I found a couple ways to give back to my community. I helped with RBC’s Black and White Affair and the Balance and Breathe Bash.

The Black and White affair was RBC’s homecoming dance and I enjoyed helping out for the night.  I started out by helping set up the decorations and blowing up balloons. It was actually a lot of fun because I spent it talking to my fellow student ambassadors while decorating. I then spent the remaining time helping check students in and dealing with payment. Afterwards the remaining student ambassadors helped clean up the mess, rearrange tables, and mop up spilled drinks. It really was fun spending time with my friends and helping my school.

On another front, the Balance and Breathe Bash is an all day event at RBC that I enjoyed volunteering with for a second time. I checked in with Professor Morrison and was helping the next few hours. I enjoyed watching my fellow students relax for a few hours and socialize. We popped balloons to releave stress, had sidewalk chalk, bubbles, giant jinga, henna, and various methods of meditation. Of all the events I have participated in I would have to say this one is my favorite because it brings everyone together.

I am happy that I got to participate in both events because it allowed me to reach out to my community.


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