Financial Literacy

Since I was younger I have saved my money looking towards the future. Now that I am older, have a job, and in a position to spend more money I have to be careful where each dollar goes. Saving for college is extremely important and takes a lot of the money I am bringing in. Living outside of my parents house has also brought the thoughts of groceries and ‘fun’ money. To keep myself in line, spending wise, I crafted an excel spreadsheet that tracks my income, spending, and savings. Each time I enter a check the spreadsheet distributes the funds into seperate tabs that have a percentage tagged to them. I allow myself 15% ‘fun’ money and the rest goes to college, house, car, and retirement funds.

One thing I can recommend is create some way of keeping your money in check. Be it a spreadsheet or just seperating your funds make sure you know how much you have to spend and where each dollar is going. Never make exceptions because you will continue to keep doing so until your savings goes down the drain.


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