President Sydow’s Journey to Leadership

With thirty years of experience and being the first college grad in her family President Sydow is a true aspiration for leadership. She knew college was her way to the top when she saw how her parent’s world was made small due to a lack of experiences. Therefore, she worked hard, left her small town, and found herself with new experiences and travel. Most of her values were born from activities in her childhood and college. President Sydow accomplished her goals one step at a time. She finished college and began teaching English at a two-year college while she finished her master’s degree. Yet, she admits herself that there are no born leaders.

President Sydow’s advice was extensive and work every minute. Responsibility is key. Always know who you are and know how the world preserves you, while understanding time and circumstances shape each of our lives. We need to learn from our circumstances and work hard, manage our resources, and act with courage. One piece of advice I found that hit me hardest was that not having dreams is a sin. Hearing of her success I took her advice to heart and found myself feeling more confident that I was heading in the right direction. I am looking forward to working beyond conventional thought and traveling abroad in the next two years of my college career.

Now, President Sydow had hired more full time professors and faculty to have a brighter influence on Richard Bland’s students. Her touch stone is 100% passionate about education and helping her students grow all the time. This is something I seek and strive towards in my future. With my life, ahead of me I am going to find my principles and hold my morals about all else in the hope that I can help make this world a better place.


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