On Getting Good

With skill you have an interesting backstory has to have taken place. I am not sure how interesting watching Cake Boss is to most but it is my backstory. Of all my hobbies, interests, and skills I would have to say my knack for baking, especially cakes, would be what I am best at. I have worked over the years, on and off, to teach myself batter recipies, mixing icing, and the continued struggle of decorating.

Like many of my generation I found an interest in television early on however, I watched Cake Boss and the Food Network alonside my Disney Channel. I joined my mother in the kitchen when she was baking and learned the basics of the art, but I wanted to work with more than sheet cakes and canned frosting. I found new recipies to try, bought books, and went through hundreds of cake-based websites finding ways to further a growing hobby. And as with anything: practice makes perfect. I found the one activity I did not have a predetermined dislike for practicing. So, I mixed batter and made some broken icing while trying to figure out why I could not make the decorations stay on the cake. Through many trial-and-errors I have gotten good at my favorite hobby. Ofcourse, overcoming the obstacle of being stubborn and thinking you know how to bake after watching television was only one of the many I found along the way. To bake you need many tools, each with a totally different job and all of them somehow have a use for one cake. Not only learning what each tool is for and how to use them is difficult but finding the money to wisely spend on these tools is tricky. So I study and only buy things I absolutely need while making a wish list for holidays and birthdays. Another is how time consuming baking truly is, especially for a student athlete who workes in the evenings. Each cake could take almost all day between mixing, baking, cooling, shaping, mixing again, filling, chilling, crumb coats, icing, and that is before any decorating is even done to the cake. But, I use this particular roadblock to actually help me in my academics.

Since, each step is so time c0nsuming it also give me extensive break periods between them. So I will mix the batter/ put it iin to bake and while that step is going on I am reading for an assignment in psychology next Monday. I use my time wisly so that I am productive and have fun insentives every once in a while. The task of baking is also very calming for me so I also use it when I am stressed or need to clear my head. Many a baked good has poped up in our kitchen from such an event. Just recently I was worrying about a couple assignemts in most all of my classes, so I made a strawberry short cake. I had scheduled time to work on the reading or online tasks while also relaxing from the stress it had me under. At the end of the day I go my work done, made a sweet treat to share, and found it is both fun and yummy to make homemade whipped cream!


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