On Motivation

Ever since I can remember college has been one of those constants in my future, kind of like you will eventually turn a year older, it was just fact. My motivation to attend college started before I even understood what my parents were saying, as they told me about my bright future born through hard work and college. It was never an option and it was never an argument. I understood the importance of education and even thrive on the knowledge obtained. Now that I am older and actually in college it is more what motivated me to keep attending college. I stay because I know my future is still on the horizon and the only way there is at University.

It is hard not to see the direct connections between what I am learning now and what I plan to complete with my experiences. Through taking natural science and mathmatics courses I hope to major in Biology and use it to go into the medical field, of which requires an abundant amouth of both types of classes. I am currently learning about the body, how it works on a micoscopic level, and the different basic calculations needed in most medical practices.

Ofcourse everything you experiance cannot connect so seamlessly into your life goals. Yes, I am learning directly about the body and that is helpful going into medicine but it is the lessons not taught that make the real difference. I have learned patience from my experiences living with up to seven other girls in one apartment sharing two bathrooms and by being a member of a collegate golf team. Getting along with a larger group of tempermental girls will give you experiences with great loads of patience; from music in the middle of the night to baking a full course mean at 2am. This will be important when dealing with groups or ill-mannered patients. Whereas golf has given me a patience with myself. In golf you must be calm, quiet, and collected. All of these are important when dealing with stressful situations or self-doubt in medical school or beyond.





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