On Getting Unstuck

Things like papers and projects seem to get more and more complicated as we advance through our academic career; and as they get harder more obstacles seem to come up. Papers get longer, complex and projects require weeks of work instead of days but that is the nature of higher education. Most of the time they go easy and fast with the proper preparation and dedication however, along the lines of writer’s block many times there are problems that pop up.

When one such instance occurs, there are many responses and the one you react with can help or hinder your progress and grade. Some productive responses include: brainstorming, taking a short break, bouncing ideas off someone, and looking outside the box. I use these ways to get unstuck when in a hard spot trying to complete a paper or project. By brainstorming you can organize your thoughts into a more helpful order so as to understand where you got caught up. Taking a short break is a good de-stressor and allows some time away without completely abandoning your academics. I find bouncing ideas off someone helps address the issue from an outside source and sometimes lets you think outside the box. Thinking outside the box is one of the most helpful methods as it gives your work creativity and more depth by coming at the issue from an unusual angle.

During these experiences, you can learn many things like patience, problem solving and self-discipline. Patience is obvious, as you must understand that everyone needs a break or gets stuck occasionally. Do not pressure yourself beyond what you can do or get angry when things do not come to you as fast as you would like. Problem solving goes beyond papers and projects as learning new ways to deal with hard situations can help in your everyday life. Self-discipline is not just giving up on an idea when you cannot figure it out right away. Sometimes it takes hard work and keeping on top of things to understand a concept. Overall, learning how to turn an obstacle into a learning experience will help you become a stronger student and better problem solver in the long run.



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