On High School Reunions

If it has been firteen years since I walked out of my high school’s front doors and across the stage to recieve my diploma, I have truly accomplished a lot. Since graduation, I embarked on a journey to Richard Bland College of William and Mary where I pursued an Associate in Science and played collegiate women’s golf. I met many life long friends and professors who’s encouraging words I still think of today. With the end of my two years at RBC I transfered to William and Mary where I expanded my knowledge and took part in many clubs. My friends from RBC came and visited me frequently and, along with some new friends, we made the most of those two years. The road was tough and heavy in coarsework but I graduated with a degree in Biology and a minor in Chemistry. The friends I made and the paths I took helped me grow as a person and break out of the shy shell I had back in high school.

I am thankful everyday for Cosby’s Health Science Specialty Center as I go into Optometry School. The early teachings of the medical field helped me have a headstart in the graduate program and pursue a true passion of mine. Between the rigorous classes and working to pay off student loans I still stayed in contact with my friends from college and we help encourage each other to keep fighting and work towards our goals. I learned that sometimes you have to make the hard decisions, this made my a stronger woman and student. I graduated with a job lined up at a local optometry center.

A couple address changes and a new marital status later I am running my own Optometry office back home in Virginia near my family. I have my own loving family and a bright future ahead of me.I found myself along the way and could not be happier for it. My friends and family helped mold me into the woman I am today but the big changed came from within. Fifteen years after high school and my life is only looking better each and every day.



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