On My Story

You know how sometimes significant events can lead a person on an amazing journey or inspire them to go into a certain field? Well my event was more a lifelong issue; and it was hardly exciting. Since a young age, I have been to the Optometrist, as my eyesight could be compared to a bat; dismal and lacking. These reoccurring visits gave me a deep seeded respect for the field and after watching the waiting room video on different eye conditions and treatments I found myself wanting to follow in their footsteps.
Here I am a decade later studying to pursue the same career I have loved through many stages. No matter what the week’s fascination was, be it architecture, design, cooking, or engineering, I always came back to Optometry. I never would have found my love for the eye without those waiting room videos many years ago.

On my path towards Optometry school I have found a few opportunities to expand my knowledge on the topic and learn more about my future career. One summer in high school I found a volunteering job with a local Optometrist office that allowed me to organize paperwork and be invited into some sessions to view different eye conditions in the office. My favorite was the year after when I got a job as an assistant secretary at another Optometrist office. I dealt with paperwork, appointments, insurance, and a previously unventured area of opticians. Although few personal sit ins with patients I got to learn some of the prescreening techniques and the background in many optometry offices. I enjoyed seeing the reality behind the office and being the support for the Optometrist.

My goal is to get some further experience in the area; perhaps in a different setting. I am looking for opportunities in either a hospital, larger office, or store area. I think it is important to see the difference between the offices and how each works with the on-staff Optometrist.

I would have never thought my first interactions with glasses, contacts, or CRTs would lead to a career that will allow me to help others while enjoying my job. I will forever be thankful for each of those visits and their inspiration to succeed in the medical field; without my bad eyesight being a part of me I would have never found my true calling.


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