The Transference of Knowledge

Over the years, I have come to realize how interconnected each class it to another and how we can learn from assignments to work on ones in the future. One such instance would be the lessons I was taught in Ap Literature and how to write different types of essays ranging from research to analysis. Throughout the class I developed a new understanding of developing sentences, transitioning through paragraphs, and writing thesis essays. This transitioned into many of my future college classes including English, science, and history.

History has seen most of my writing improvement based on what I have learned in Ap Lit. I can write a response paper easier because I have a deeper understanding of how to organize and dissect the literature. It is also a lot easier to figure out how to work with different essay types after I have gone through an entire class that focused on it.

I try to use lessons learned from similar assignments to enrich my academics and even use some lessons in everyday life. This allows me to ensure I am learning from all angles and helps me develop a profounder love for each lesson I learn.


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