On Failure- When one door closes…

Reach schools are supposed to be dreams that are slightly out of reach but just in sight. So, when I got rejected from William and Mary in high school I was crushed but I also understood. But, by no means was I giving up. William and Mary had been my dream school since I moved to Virginia in eighth grade, so I was not going to give up so easily. That is where Richard Bland College came into play.

Being recruited for women’s golf at Richard Bland was a silent miracle. It cut down on the cost of college while giving me that second shot at William and Mary that I was searching for. I was not going to just let that dream go so I started researching the schools and found my chances of transferring were extremely high. With hope in my heart and determination in my soul I signed for Richard Bland golf and worked hard the last two years so that when I filled out my William and Mary transfer application I would have the best chance of getting accepted as possible.

Now with a week left until I hear back from William and Mary I am content in my knowledge that I have tried my hardest and gave my all to fit all the requirements necessary for the four-year college. Between athletics, honors, PTK, clubs, and excelling in classes I am confident in myself like have never been before. It just goes to show that with any failure, if you care enough and want it enough that you can find your way to it. I found by hidden path around failure, I apply this mentality to many aspects of my life and deeply believe in “when one door closes, find a window.”


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